Till minne av Bayka

Isones underbara mamma Bayka Uit´t Hollandse Entlinest är död. Det är så svårt att hitta rätta orden, Bayka var en mycket speciell hund för oss. Vi träffade henne för första gången på utställning i Elmia och vi blev så förtjusta i henne att vi fattade beslutet: det ska bli en valp efter henne - eftersom vi inte kan ha henne själv. 

Nu finns hon inte längre, och hon lämnar ett stort tomrum i Entlinest. Vad som hände beskriver Wim på sin hemsida: 

It is so sad to tell you that on Thursday 6th of September 2011, around 17.00 hrs , with so much pain and sadness we have to let Bayka pass away. She was poisoned , probably by eating grapes (what definitively the cause of death was, is investigated).

Last Saturday on the FCI Euro Dog show she became decisional European Champion and Best of Breed (BOB), and she was so happy to see all her friends.

Sunday she faltered a little bit, and she vomited. The veterinarian, who had weekend service, did not recognize the symptoms of  poisoning. Monday-morning we went to our own veterinarian and the first thing he did was taking a blood-sample. It turns out that her urine –parameters were too high and she immediately got an infuse. Because her condition got worse,  we took her to the Intensive Care department of the faculty veterinary-medicine University Utrecht.

Bayka was there for 24 hours, and the veterinarian did everything they could, but nevertheless there was no hope.

For us it is so unreal, Saturday she became Europe Champion, Monday so ill and Tuesday she passed away.

We are in serious shock  and so sad, it is still difficult to figure that our lovely Bayka will never be among us. We will miss our giant so much!

She was a lovely, confidently, happy  dog , a fantastic mate, such a good mother, was on many national and international dog shows, got so many championships and titles, and was always so glad to meet all her friends somewhere. Bayka became only 4 years and 8 months old.

We will always remember  our ‘Bayki’.


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Bayka på sin sista utställning, EuroDogShow i Leuwaarden 3:e september 2011. Hon blev BIR och fick vara med i gruppfinalen (foto: Entlinest).


Bayka har full koll igenom dörren vad som händer med henne valpar.


Och hon har även koll när vi skriver köpeavtal om Isone.

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